2014 Award Winners One Year Later

Where Are They Now?


2014 Ron Paul Patriot Scholarship Award Winner – Matthew McGuire

By: Matthew McGuire
April 9, 2015

Dear Campaign for Liberty Foundation donors,

This coming week will be my last at Crandall University for the year. With regards to academics, I have been able to make significant progress, maintaining a GPA above 4.0. Through the various lectures, research projects, and readings at the university, I have been able to sharpen my overall scholastic abilities to a greater level than at any point in the past. I am especially looking forward to the next year of my B.A., as I will be eligible to enroll in the certification program for Teaching English as a Second Language.

Beyond these academic opportunities, a number of extra-curricular groups and activities have been a regular part of my first year in university. On campus, I was part of the relatively small Cross Country team during the Fall semester. Off campus, I have been part of a team of volunteers organized by a particular professor. We are able to visit and work at homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation institutes, and nursing homes. It has been a true privilege to participate in these activities, as I have made a number of friends among both the volunteers and people we go to visit.

As a reflection on these ministry opportunities, I take joy in stepping up to fulfill some of the needs in our city. While the some of the organizations received a portion of the city budget, they are, for the most part, funded and operated by volunteers. Instead of the state coercively gleaning money from certain members of society to solve to problems of others, we are able to meet such needs in both goodwill and free volition. This principle is a microcosm of what I believe a free society could look like on a large scale.

As the 2016 Presidential race begins to shape up, the excitement and energy that motivated me to participate in Ron Paul’s campaign is starting to ignite once again. These next two years are going to be especially important; the American Presidential race is already among the common topics in the hallways of my Canadian university. With Rand Paul’s announcement this week, I look forward with great enthusiasm at what will become of the liberty movement. I hope to help move our and Rand’s message of freedom forward in whatever way possible, whether that be at home or online.

To all of you donors who have made this year possible for me, I want to thank and express my great appreciation. All of the above experiences and progress that I have mentioned above were truly a result of your generosity. I thank all of you for believing in the value and importance of higher education. As much as is possible, I will continue putting by best foot forward in both my studies and my ministries in the following years of my education. As the summer approaches, my family and I feel a great relief knowing that my first year was completed debt-free. Despite my jobs at the university and at home, this would not have been otherwise possible without having received the 2014 Ron Paul Patriot scholarship.

Matthew McGuire
2014 Ron Paul Patriot Scholarship award winner




2014 Ron Paul Liberty Scholarship Award Winner – Allison Miller

2014 Ron Paul Liberty Scholarship award winner Allison Miller has had a year “full of activity and excitement” at Shorter University down in Rome, Georgia.

Allison recently completed her sophomore year at Shorter, where she continues to take on leadership positions on campus. For the upcoming academic year She has been elected as Vice President of the Student Government Association, and is now hosting a one hour political talk show on her campus radio station, Hawk Radio.

One of the most exciting things she got to do this year was meet Senator Rand Paul when he was in the Atlanta area back in February. As she told me, “I was very thrilled to hear that he is seeking the Presidency! I wish him the best of luck.”

We are very proud of Allison and look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future!



Bruce Rauner and Aaron DeGroot

2014 Ron Paul Freedom Scholarship Award Winner – Aaron DeGroot


In a few weeks, I’ll be wrapping up my tenure at George Mason University and will be receiving my diploma for a B.S. in Economics. The past four years have been a blessing, where I’ve met dozens of liberty-lovers, not just from the GMU Economics department faculty, but from student organizations such as our Young Americans for Liberty and College Republicans chapters.

This past week I also wrapped up a semester internship at the Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason’s Arlington campus. I was fortunate enough to be a part of two teams that advance free market principles through research and education not only in the classroom, but on Capitol Hill. Both this internship and my education at George Mason have just been several steps in my personal journey of informing and arming myself to advance the principles of which our nation was founded on, namely a government that is limited in size and scope.

While graduation is usually an anxious time for departing students entering the job market, I have been spared by that anxiety with a few potential opportunities to work on Republican Presidential campaigns, one of which is with Senator Rand Paul. 2016 will be an exciting and crucial time for our country, and hopefully we can steer our country back on track with a liberty-minded candidate who will limit the reach of the Federal government. These principles are crucial to enabling an economic prosperity which has the potential to raise millions out of poverty and restore our great nation’s global status as a “shining city upon a hill.”

I would be remiss if I were to not close this letter with an astounding and appreciative thank-you to the gracious contributors of the Campaign for Liberty Foundation. I am forever indebted to you for allowing me to advance my education at George Mason and participate in many extra-curricular activities along the way. Your gifts have eased the financial burden for me that college imposes and has created opportunities for many years to come. I hope I have done and will do my best to be financially prudent with those generous gifts. I treat them as an investment to enable more opportunities for myself in the future, for the betterment of not only myself, but the liberty movement as a whole. Once again and with the most sincerity, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards,

Aaron DeGroot




2014 Ron Paul Legacy Scholarship Award Winner – Meghan Pettini

In 2014, Meghan Pettini was the inaugural award winner of the Ron Paul Legacy Scholarship. Since then she says she has had a very busy and wonderful year.

Meghan is now working full time at the Heritage Foundation as the Executive Assistant to the Group Vice President of Policy Promotion, where she assists the VP with administrative duties and fellowship programs. She is very excited to be working for such a prestigious organization. She is hoping to start a lecture series for undergraduate students to discuss the roots of the American political tradition in the next few months, something that she is very passionate about.

Just last month, Meghan graduated from The Catholic University of America with a degree in Political Theory, where she received the politics department’s award for academic excellence. However, Meghan has planned to attend graduate school all along, and she starting a Master’s program in Political Theory at CUA starting in the Spring of 2016. She is hopeful that upon complete of her Master’s that she will go on to a PhD program.

Meghan could not be more grateful for the help she has received from the Foundation and our donors. Just before graduation she wrote to me:

“I really can’t thank you and Campaign for Liberty enough for the honor of being chosen this year for the Ron Paul Scholarship. I still can hardly believe I met Dr. and Senator Paul – it was such an honor. And if not for the generosity of the donors and the Foundation, I doubt that I’d be graduating next week, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

We are very proud of Meghan’s accomplishments to this point and cannot wait to see what she will do in the future!