2013 Award Winners One Year Later

Where Are They Now?


2013 Ron Paul Scholarship Award Winner – Cliff Maloney, Jr.

Cliff Maloney Jr. has had a busy year since being awarded the 2013 Ron Paul Liberty Scholarship.

Last fall, as an active member of Young American’s for Liberty, Cliff embraced his leadership position as the Pennsylvania State Chair. In that role, he recruited and helped to launch fourteen new chapters for the organization across four states!

This spring, to conclude his undergraduate degree, he traveled to New Zealand to teach. This experience opened his eyes to the vast differences in their “localized” education system compared to the United States.

In April of this year, Cliff graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Math Education and B.A. in Theatre Arts.

He is currently serving as the Political Director/Youth Outreach Director for Igor Birman’s Congressional campaign in California’s 7thdistrict. Mr. Birman was recently endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul.

In the past, he served as the Pennsylvania Campus Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign and also worked as a Staff Assistant in Ron Paul’s Congressional office.

Cliff has taken his role in the liberty movement to the next level through education, leadership, and commitment. The Campaign for Liberty Foundation is proud of his growth as a leader and believe that his future in the movement is bright.


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2013 Ron Paul Scholarship Award Winner – Andrew Desiderio

After being awarded the 2013 Ron Paul Freedom Scholarship, Andrew Desiderio took his role as a future leader in the liberty movement to the next level.

Andrew is young, only a rising sophomore in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University in the nation’s capital, but he has taken huge steps towards insuring a successful career in the movement. Keeping up with his aspirations to be a journalist, Andrew is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication with concentrations in Music, Literature, and the Italian language. He is also a part of the University Honors Program.

Since last year, Andrew has begun to shape the political landscape on college campuses across the country as a writer for The College Fix, where he has had articles linked to FOX News and the Drudge Report. He is also involved with his campus television station GW-TV, where he serves as the coordinating producer and on-air fact checker for their political debate show, Colonial Crossfire.

Andrew recently started working as the Social Media Director for the Washington Circle Business Association in Washington, D.C.

With up and coming leaders like Andrew taking bold pro-liberty stances in the media, the future of the liberty movement is in good hands. The Campaign for Liberty Foundation is proud to call Andrew a Ron Paul Scholarship award winner and wishes him the best of luck with his future!