2015 Ron Paul Scholarship Deadline Less Than One Month Away


The deadline to apply for the 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships is less than one month away, and applications are starting to pour in. Don’t miss out on your chance at our top award, the Ron Paul Patriot Scholarship in the amount of $10,000!

The Ron Paul Scholarship is awarded once a year to at least three undergraduate, or soon to be undergraduate, students that have met the criteria outlined on this web site.  This is a one-time scholarship, meaning the students who are granted the scholarship will only receive it for that year of college, and no student can receive the scholarship two years in a row.

One of my Dad’s greatest achievements was introducing so many young people to the ideas of liberty and inspiring them to get involved in the liberty movement. The Ron Paul Scholarship is a great way to honor my Dad and carry on his work in inspiring the next generation to join our campaign for liberty.      – Senator Rand Paul

Apply today! The deadline is March 23rd.

2015 Ron Paul Scholarship Application, Deadlines & Requirements