Breaking News: Student Loan Debt is Depressing


As student loan debt in the United States continues to spiral out of control, a recent study examined the health effects that this type of debt can have on individuals. And I bet you can already tell me what they found.

Researchers from the University of South Carolina and UCLA are now telling us what we could have probably guessed ourselves… student loan debt can be downright depressing. Red Alert Politics reports:

The study found that those who had higher amounts of debt incurred from student loans reported higher levels of depressive symptoms and poorer psychological functioning, even when adjusted for other factors that might impact mental health.

According to the author of the study, Katrina Walsemann, it appears that the middle class is being hit the hardest, “since they do not qualify for governmental assistance, nor is their family able to take on the bulk of the costs associated with college.”

Here at the Campaign for Liberty Foundation we believe that students should make responsible choices when deciding to acquire more student loan debt, but we also know that the underlying problem is government interference in the marketplace. Tuition will continue to rise as long as the federal government is backing these types of loans.

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