Carrying On the Legacy of Ron Paul

The application period for the 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships is in full swing. Applications are available here, and the deadline to apply is March 23rd.

These scholarships are awarded once a year to at least 3 undergraduate liberty-minded students who meet the selected criteria. Our goal is to help offset the rising cost of a college education so that you can focus on your real dream, fighting for liberty.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we were able to award a fourth scholarship 2014. Check out the 2014 award winners: 

Matthew McGuire



Matthew McGuire is from the state of Maine, where he first learned of Dr. Ron Paul and his philosophy leading up to the 2012 presidential election. Although not yet old enough to vote at the time, Matthew became very involved in volunteer efforts for the campaign: working at the state headquarters, making phone calls, posting signs, distributing literature, and volunteering at campaign visits. He was fortunate enough to see Dr. Paul on four separate occasions, and refers to his experiences working on the campaign as some of the “most memorable” in his life.

Having only graduated from high school in the spring of 2013, Matthew is still very young, and is only starting to realize the potential he has as a leader in the liberty movement. After graduating from high school with a 3.94 GPA, Matthew left for bible school in Argentina, where he has been studying Spanish. He will return to the United States this summer, having completed his bilingual program. This fall, Matthew will be attending Crandall University, where he will begin his studies in pursuit of a Bachelor of Education degree.

After graduating from college, Matthew would like to become a teacher, having learned from Dr. Paul’s example, “the importance and value of education.” He plans to be a vital piece of the liberty movement for years to come whether it be through teaching, writing, or just witnessing to others in his community and realm of influence. He believes that his experiences teaching English abroad will make him a stronger advocate for liberty at home.

Matthew certainly has a bright future ahead of him. It is rare that you find someone his age that is so well-versed in Dr. Paul’s philosophy. Through education and leadership we believe that Matthew will continue to grow into a significant ally of the liberty movement for years to come.


Allison Miller



Allison Miller is from the great state of Georgia, where she attends Shorter University in pursuit of degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice. A rising sophomore, she was elected by her fellow classmates as the freshman representative to the Senate in the Shorter University Student Government Association. She is also very involved in her Young American’s for Liberty chapter on campus.

In spite of her young age, Allison has extensive experience volunteering her time on state and national campaigns. She has campaigned for numerous state elected officials, and most recently spent her time working for Congressman Paul Broun in his bid to win the open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia. She is committed to the principals of liberty and getting individuals elected who stand for limited government, individual responsibility, free markets, and sound money.

Allison made the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA in her first year at Shorter, where she is also a member of the women’s golf team. After graduation, she hopes to work in law enforcement or fire & rescue, would like to possibly serve in the GA National Guard, and ultimately wants to pursue a career in politics.

While caring deeply about 2nd Amendment rights, the issue that drew her to the Liberty Movement is welfare reform and breaking the cycle of individuals who are dependent on government programs. We believe that Allison has a very bright future in the movement and we are proud to call her a Ron Paul Scholarship award winner!


Aaron DeGroot

Aaron DeGroot Photo 4


Aaron DeGroot is a rising senior at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where he is working towards a B.S. in Economics. Much like the Economics Department at George Mason, Aaron is “dedicated to free market principles and sound economic thinking, especially sound monetary economics.”

A member of the George Mason Honors College, Aaron has also been active in the campus community through his Students for Liberty chapter. He has a strong interest in the legal process, and is currently deciding on whether or not he would like to attend law school. No matter what career path he chooses, Aaron would like to stay involved in the public policy process.

This summer, Aaron will be utilizing his leadership skills by managing a county field office for a gubernatorial candidate in his home state of Illinois. In the past, he has spent time working on several state and national campaigns and even spent time working in a Congressional office.

Thanks to his interest in economics and Dr. Ron Paul, Aaron believes the most important issue that faces our generation is the Federal Reserve System and its easy money policies. In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking, hunting, volunteering, coalition building, and anything related to agriculture.

Aaron is a very bright young man who has shown a commitment to liberty inside and outside of the classroom. We are proud to call him a Ron Paul Scholarship award winner and look forward to big things in his future!


Meghan Pettini

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 5.32.34 PM


Meghan Pettini is a rising senior at The Catholic University of America, where she will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Political Theory, minor in Philosophy and Honors in Theology. She studied British Conservatism and the Catholic Tradition of England in the fall of 2013 at the University of Oxford, where she also became involved in Great Britain’s Students for Life and studied St. Thomas Aquinas in her spare time. At Catholic University she is a Resident Assistant and member of some of Campus Ministry’s various student groups.

Meghan became increasingly interested in the Liberty Movement after taking her initial courses in political thought. The writings of individuals including Cicero, Edmund Burke, John Adams, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Claes G. Ryn have especially influenced her understanding of American politics, culture, and constitutionalism, as these thinkers serve as the continuation of a tradition of limited self-government, individual self-restraint and therefore ordered conduct, and the importance of history for society’s survival and growth.

Meghan plans to pursue studies toward a doctoral degree in normative American political philosophy immediately after graduating from Catholic University. Informed by Conservative Political Theory and Classical Philosophy, and strengthened by her Catholic faith, she is committed to the position that the greatest cultural and political revivals come principally by engaging young people through education. She desires one day to teach at a university in order to instill principles of responsibility, virtue, and liberty in the hearts and minds of rising generations.

The Campaign for Liberty Foundation is excited to award the inaugural Ron Paul Legacy Scholarship to Meghan, and we are certain she will have an everlasting impact on the Liberty Movement.